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Picture of 3 grounded outlet extension cord

Say Goodbye to Ugly Extensions Cords and Hello to Cordinate.

While most cords interrupt or distract from your home's decor, these unique designer extension cords only contribute to the overall charm of your space. With a variety of color and power options available, this line of designer extension cords strikes the perfect balance between style and function. Whether you're looking for an extension cord with multiple polarized outlets, AC outlets, USB charging ports or a combination of both, Cordinate Extension Cords complement and simplify the way you connect your devices without sacrificing your personal style.

Picture of cordinate extension cord plugged into a wall outlet

Hiding unsightly cords is a thing of the past with Cordinate Decor Extension Cords. Get easy access to outlets and extend your style into the future. The thoughtful construction of the extension cords includes a low-profile plug, making it convenient to connect your devices where space is limited. This product is UL listed and intended for indoor use only.

Picture of cordinate extension cord plugged into a wall outlet

The woven fabric cord cover is offered in multiple colors and patterns, giving you a variety of exciting options for your home or work setup. The extra layer of fabric not only increases the cable's durability but keeps the cord from being bent and tangled. Built-in surge protection ensures that your connected equipment stays safe from harmful voltage spikes. For a premium design that offers equal parts fashion and function, choose the Cordinate Decor Extension Cords with Surge Protection.